I am cooking for two and I am trying to come up with a super tasty, healthy and simple dish using organic farmed chicken. I eat mostly vegetarian food, but I also delightedly eat fish and sometimes organic farmed chicken, turkey or, less often, organic grass-fed beef. Anyway, what's important now are the ingredients that I am using for this dish: 4 sweet potatoes and two organic chicken legs seasoned with himalayan mountain salt, black pepper, garlic, laurel, paprika and lime zest. All the ingredients are in a roasting tray and were drizzled with olive oil. The oven is already on and marks the temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. In more or less two hours dinner is ready. Slow cooking rules! Meanwhile, I must confess that I am in the mood to prepare a soup. Oooh, how I miss soup! So, I have organic coconut oil. First cold pressed. 100% natural from fresh coconut pulp. Wow! And I also have onion, garlic, fresh turmeric root, carrots, tomatoes, himalayan mountain salt, black pepper and...water. And now I am wondering...if I add coconut cream to this soup, my better half will feel extra joy. Well, I don't have coconut cream...but I will get it! After and with all the ingredients plus our blue cast iron pot, I can create a warm and smooth soup! Have a lovely evening, M.

Ps. No natural light, no photos!